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October 7, 2013
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                                    c h i l d r e n of the wild ones

Reiner had always been there for you-- in the difficult moments where you no longer believed in yourself, he encouraged you to continue. In the moments where you physically could not handle the harsh training, he always picked you up and dusted you off.

You loved him.

He had said those three words to you, but now, you weren’t sure if they were genuine. Was he simply toying with you this whole time?

He had killed so many people; destroyed so many homes and families.

Eyes meeting with his, a wave of emotions wash over you.


You still love him-- it was horrible, it was so wrong. But he had cared so deeply for you. But it was all lies.

“--Are you going to kill me now?”

Shock appears on his face, lips parting slightly in order to respond, but you continue speaking.

“Are you going to kill me like you did with those families, Reiner?”

Your body is shaking violently, regardless of your attempts to calm down.

Never have you been betrayed like this.

You can see the how your words hit him, a hurt expression on his bloodied face. He can’t find anything to say to you. He’s seen you in panic before, but he’s always been there to comfort you; to hold you.

But he can’t.

Not anymore.

Silence fills the room as harsh breaths escape you, crimson liquid running down your temple.

                                         only the strong survive; sacrifice is a must.

Could you bring yourself to kill him? He would kill you with no hesitance, you were sure of it. Death sounded acceptable at this point. It would rid the pain and wash away the memories.

“I won’t.”

Swallowing hard, your jaw clenches at his response, fury and confusion growing.

“You’ve come this far to trick me, why stop now? Why waste your time acting like you cared for me?”

“It wasn’t acting,” he snaps, “I meant everything.”

“Stop fucking lying to me!”

“I’m not,” comes the gruff reply, swift footsteps approaching you. You’re too frightened at this point, bracing yourself for the hit. Eyes shut tightly, waiting for the pain, but instead, calloused digits grab your chin gently, thumb tracing your jawline. “I didn’t want to hurt you-- I didn’t mean to fall in love with you.”

Lids opening, his expression softened greatly as he made eye contact with you once more.

“Then why are you doing this?” you ask, voice barely above a whisper. “Why are you killing so many innocent people?”

He seems torn, fighting himself as to if he should speak the truth. But he’s done enough damage-- he would be unable to tolerate anymore.

“I can’t tell you.”

Rage fills you at the undesired answer, vision blurring as your eyes sting.

“Then don’t fucking touch me,” you retort, hands planted firmly against his chest as you try to push him away, but the blond resists, only pulling you closer. Regardless of your countless attempts to get away, his guard never falters, grip tightening around your frame until you give up.

“I never wanted this to happen-- but I know what I have to do. If I could have lived a normal life with you, then I would have. But I have a home to return to.” he murmurs, a hand running down your back in a soothing manner.

You hate it. You hate how he can still keep you at ease, still comfort you with little touches. You hate yourself for giving in when you shouldn't. But this is likely the last time you’ll see him ever again.

Leaning down, his lips capture yours in a gentle kiss, one that feels like it goes on forever. The tears spill faster as your grip on his shirt tightens, and soon enough, you realize he’s crying as well.

Forcing the contact to end, you look away, unable to meet your gaze with him once more.

“We’re going to have to face each other on the battlefield someday.”

You can feel his body tense at your harsh words that bring you both back to reality, but he only holds you closer.

“I know.”

and it is not okay

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*having a wave of different emotions*
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This was soo good!!
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Rage, I hate him and Bertie so much, but I love them. Why so cruel, you bitches. You make me love you.
unraveledtruth Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014
how dare they B||

stop turning into titans
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